About Sticky Club


We’re always looking for new ways to save you money. And we’ve found another one! Now you can save plenty on fuel too. Just scan your registered Sticky Club tag at the checkout every time you shop to start collecting fuel savings each month. This is a new offering, separate to our other fuel deals in-store.

Here’s how it works:

  • Every $20* you spend in a single transaction earns you 1 cent-per-litre on fuel. (*Excludes spend on tobacco, cigarettes, phone cards and top-ups, gift cards, Lotto and Christmas Club top-ups.)
  • Specially marked products in-store earn you even more fuel savings.
  • Watch out for special bonus days with extra fuel savings on offer.

Your fuel savings grow every time you visit over a calendar month. When you’re ready to fill ’er up, just use the handy kiosks in-store or log in to stickyclub.co.nz to create your Sticky Club fuel voucher, up to a maximum of 35 cents-per-litre.


Make sure you turn your savings into a voucher before the end of each month, so that they don’t expire. Here’s what you’ll need to do:


  • Create a Sticky Club fuel voucher at a kiosk in-store, or at stickyclub.co.nz
  • Print your voucher in-store at the checkout, or from one of our kiosks
  • Use your voucher either within 10 days at our onsite petrol stations, or if your store doesn’t have an onsite fuel station, within a month at any Z service station. Find out more here.


Plus, as we get to know what you like to buy, we’ll send you a weekly Sticky Club email with the most relevant deals available in-store, so you don’t miss out of saving even more money.


Get more savey on fuel, with Sticky Club.




Sticky Club Households:



You can save faster as a household. Create a Sticky Club Household and you can increase your team of savers to be up to four people. Each person gets their own tag to use, but all of the savings pool into one account, so your fuel savings pile up faster. Make your whole household sticky!


Simply login to create your Sticky Club household or call us on 0800 80 75 75.




Sticky Club Tag Options:


There’s a range of ways to collect your Sticky Club fuel savings, so you can choose the one that works for you. There’s a card that fits in your wallet. There’s a tag that hangs off your keys. 


If you’ve got one of those smartphone things, you don’t even have to carry a tag. You can login on your mobile and scan your digital tag at the checkout.






How to join

Step 1

sticky club tag

Pick up a Sticky Club
tag in-store
(South Island stores only)

Step 2

sticky club key

Register it here, in-store or call 0800 80 75 75

Step 3

sticky club qr code

Activate your tag by scanning it at the checkout

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