What are SCAN-A-DEALS?

SCAN-A-DEALS are extra savey deals that we’ve sourced direct from our suppliers to help you save even more on your shopping. They’ll include a range of different deals from discounts on products, to bonus Sticky Fuel savings or even free product samples. 


Are SCAN-A-DEALS available to everyone? 

Afraid not! You’ll need to be subscribed to our Sticky Club emails to receive SCAN-A-DEALS. Plus, you’ll only receive SCAN-A-DEALS on products that may be of interest to you based on what you like to buy.

Where can I see what my SCAN-A-DEALS are? 

You won’t see SCAN-A-DEALS advertised in-store as they’re not available to everyone. Instead, we’ll send you an email to let you know when we’ve got some SCAN-A-DEALS for you or you can also see them when you log in to 

How do I redeem a SCAN-A-DEAL?

Easy, just scan your Sticky Club tag at the checkout at the time of purchase and, hey presto, the savings will automatically be applied to your shop. 

How often will I receive SCAN-A-DEALS?

It will vary depending on the deals we source from our suppliers and whether they may be of interest to you. So, make sure you keep a close eye on your inbox to find out when your next lot of extra savey deals land!

Why can’t I receive all SCAN-A-DEALS?

You’ll only receive SCAN-A-DEALS on the stuff you like so make sure you scan your Sticky Club tag with every shop so that we’ll get to know which deals are right for you. 

Can I share my SCAN-A-DEALS with my Sticky Club household? 

You sure can! Your SCAN-A-DEALS will be available to everyone in your household; they’ll just need to scan their Sticky Club tag at the time of purchase to redeem the offer. 

How will I know that I’ve received my SCAN-A-DEALS savings?

Your SCAN-A-DEALS savings will be itemised on your till receipt. Haven’t got a receipt? You can now access an electronic copy of your receipt under the ‘Activity’ tab when you log into 

What happens if I didn’t receive my SCAN-A-DEAL saving?

Firstly, check the SCAN-A-DEAL offer in your email again in case it has a purchase limit or excludes certain products. If it’s still incorrect, simply show your till receipt and SCAN-A-DEALS email at the Customer Services Desk in-store and we’ll sort it out for you. 


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