Sticky Fuel

What is Sticky Fuel?

Sticky Fuel lets you accumulate awesome fuel savings when you buy selected items in-store during our special Sticky Fuel months, which will run periodically throughout the year.


How do I earn Sticky Fuel savings?

Keep an eye out in-store for specially marked Sticky Fuel products – they’ll be clearly marked with the fuel discount on offer. When you buy these items and scan your Sticky Club tag, you'll accumulate the advertised cents per litre saving on fuel. The more participating products you buy, the more your Sticky Fuel savings add up.


How do I claim my Sticky Fuel savings?

When you’re ready to use your Sticky Fuel savings, log in to or the kiosk in-store to create a Sticky Fuel voucher. Your voucher will then automatically print with your till receipt when you next shop and scan your Sticky Club tag. Alternatively you can print the voucher directly from the kiosk in-store.


How long do my Sticky Fuel savings last?

Sticky Fuel promotions generally run for one calendar month. Print your voucher in-store at the kiosk or at a checkout before the end of the month. After that, your Sticky Fuel savings will expire and be reset to zero.


What if I can’t print my voucher before the end of the month?

Log in to or the kiosk in-store to create a Sticky Fuel voucher. Your voucher will be available to print in-store at the kiosk or checkout for the first 7 days of the following month.   


Is there any limit on the fuel savings I can accumulate during a Sticky Fuel promotion?

No, you can accumulate as much Sticky Fuel savings as you like. However you can only create Sticky Fuel vouchers between a minimum value of 10 cents per litre on fuel and a maximum value of 35 cents per litre on fuel. For balances above 35 cents per litre, you can create extra vouchers as long as they meet the minimum voucher value.


Do I need to use all of my Sticky Fuel savings when I create a voucher?

No, you can use some or all of your current balance up to a maximum of 35 cents per litre on fuel per voucher.


Where can I use my Sticky Fuel voucher?

It depends on where you print your Sticky Fuel voucher. If you print it at a PAK’nSAVE store that has an on-site fuel station, then your voucher is only valid at that station. If you print your voucher at a PAK’nSAVE that doesn’t pump fuel, then it’s valid at any participating Z service station in the South Island.


Is there a limit on how much fuel discount I can get?

Sticky Fuel vouchers can only be used once and the discount value of the voucher will be applied against the first $150 pumped at a PAK’nSAVE fuel site and against the first 100 litres at a Z service station.


I’ve printed my Sticky Fuel voucher. When does it expire?

Once your voucher is printed, it’s valid for 10 days at PAK’nSAVE fuel sites and four weeks at participating Z sites.


Can I combine my Sticky Fuel savings with the standard fuel discount vouchers in-store?

No, Sticky Fuel savings can’t be combined with the current spend-based fuel promotions in-store.


What happens to my Sticky Fuel savings if I am part of a household?

Your Sticky Fuel savings will be pooled together with the other members of your household.


Can everyone in a household redeem Sticky Fuel savings?

Nope. All household members can contribute to the combined Sticky Fuel savings, but only the mighty Head Honcho chooses who can redeem them. Once a Sticky Fuel voucher is created, it will automatically print the next time any household member with ‘fuel redemption rights’ shops and scans their Sticky Club tag. Sticky Fuel vouchers can also be printed from the kiosk in-store.

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