Sticky Club Households

Can I sign other people in my house up to my Sticky Club account?

Sure can. If you all live at the same address you can create a Sticky Club household. Each household member will just need to have their own Sticky Club tag. 


What are the benefits of creating a Sticky Club household?

You can save faster as a household. Each person gets their own tag to use, but all of the savings pool into one account, so your Sticky Fuel savings and Coffee Stamps balance pile up faster. 


Why does everyone in a Sticky Club household need to live at the same address?

It’s not really one household if you’re all living in different houses! As a Sticky Club household your savings pile up faster, so we need to put things in place to make sure our stores can keep giving you all those extra fuel savings.


How do I create a Sticky Club household?

You can invite existing Sticky Club members living in your house to join your household or if they haven’t registered already, you can sign them up to the programme (you’ll just need to pick up a Sticky Club tag in-store for them first). It’s quick and easy to do here, in-store at the Sticky Club kiosk or just call us on 0800 80 75 75.  


How many people can join my Sticky Club household? 

You can have up to 4 people in your household group. If you have more than 4 people living at your address, they can set up their own Sticky Club household. There’s no limit on the number of household groups that can exist at the same address. 


Why are only four people allowed in a household?

As a household, you’ll accumulate savings faster. To make sure our stores can keep that level of saving up, we’ve made households a maximum of four people to manage the fuel cost. 


Can I belong to more than one Sticky Club household at the same time?

No sorry, you can only be a member of one Sticky Club household at any time. But you can leave your existing household and start or join another one at any time as long as you all live at the same address. 


What happens to my Sticky Fuel savings or vouchers when I join a Sticky Club household?

When you join a household, your current Sticky Fuel savings will be added to the household’s balance. In addition, any Sticky Fuel vouchers that you have created (but not printed) will be cancelled and the value of the vouchers will be credited to the household’s Sticky Fuel savings balance.


What happens if I decide to leave my Sticky Club household?

We hope there’s no hard feelings. You can leave a household group at any time, either here, at the kiosk in-store, or by calling us on 0800 80 75 75. However, any Sticky Fuel savings or Coffee Stamps purchases that you contributed will remain with the household’s Head Honcho. 


How do I register a new member to my Sticky Club household?

Pick up a Sticky Club tag in-store, then login here or at the kiosk in-store, and navigate to the ‘My household’ page to register the new member.  


What personal information do I need to provide when signing up a new household member?

We just need to know their name, date of birth and gender. We’ll also need you to confirm that their home address is the same as yours and that you have their permission to register them to Sticky Club. 


When can a new household member start using their Sticky Club tag?

They’re good to go as soon as you’ve registered them.


Is there anything else that a new household member needs to do to join Sticky Club?

To get the most out of Sticky Club, they should create an account login with their Sticky Club tag here or at the kiosk in-store. After that we can keep them up-to-date with the most relevant deals available in-store and any important changes to your Sticky Club household. 

What happens if they don’t complete their account set-up?

They can still use their Sticky Club tag at the checkout but they won’t be able to log in here or receive Sticky Club emails to view their latest balances or relevant deals. 


What is the Head Honcho?

The Head Honcho is the member who manages your Sticky Club household - usually the person who set it up.  


What is the Head Honcho responsible for?

The Head Honcho can add or remove members from the household and they control which members can redeem the household’s Sticky Fuel savings. The Head Honcho is also responsible for keeping the household’s contact details up to date.  It’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it. 


How can I change the Head Honcho?

The existing Head Honcho can invite another member of the Sticky Club household to take over the reins. If the invited member accepts, they become the new Head Honcho. The Head Honcho can initiate this at any time either here, at the kiosk in-store, or by calling us on 0800 80 75 75. 


How do I delete my Sticky Club household?

The Head Honcho can delete a household, add a new member or remove an existing member at any time here, at the in-store kiosk or by calling us on 0800 80 75 75.  


What happens to the household savings when a Sticky Club household is deleted?

Once a household is deleted, any unused Sticky Fuel savings or Coffee Stamps balance will be retained by the Head Honcho. 


My Sticky Club household is moving. What do I need to do?

If your entire household has upped sticks and moved to a new address, the Head Honcho just needs to update the household address details. They can do that here, at the kiosk in-store, or by calling us on 0800 80 75 75.

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